[vsnet-alert 8791] Re reported outburst of Ha 0242-2802 / update

B Monard bmonard at mweb.co.za
Sat Jan 7 16:58:09 JST 2006


I was fortunate to have cooperative weather during the timeseries
observations of this active CV.

Preliminary results over 3 hours show:

Ha 0242-2802 is an eclipsing system
Approximate outburst amplitude: 4.0CR
Present mean outbursting magnitude outside eclipse: 15.8CR
modulation: approx 0.13CR (possibly a phase shifting hump)
eclipse depth: 0.7CR
eclipse timings:
	t1: 3742.3236 +/- 0.0006
	t2: 3742.3986 +/- 0.0006
Orbital period: 0.0750d +/- 0.0005d

Note: eclipse timings have an uncertainty component for absolute time, which
does not impact on that of the derived period.

Concerted observations at more timezones might be worthwhile.

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