[vsnet-alert 8891] Rebrightenings of SDSSJ 080434.20+510349.2

Daisaku NOGAMI nogami at kwasan.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Mar 27 06:28:34 JST 2006

Dear colleagues,

Recent observations by Nakajima-san revealed that
SDSSJ 080434.20+510349.2 has repeated small rebrightening
(13.5 - 15.0 mag) with a timescale of a few days.
Superhumps are clearly seen through the rebrightenings.
These behavior has been observed only during the 2001
superoutburst of WZ Sge!  Follow-up observations are
strongly encouraged!

Best regards,
Daisaku Nogami
VSNET Collaboration Team

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