[vsnet-alert 9962] Possible nova in Cyg

Hiroyuki Maehara mira at cetus-net.org
Sat Mar 8 15:24:07 JST 2008

Dear colleagues,

 According to CBET's Unconfirmed Observations Page, two new possible
novae in Cyg have been reported.

PN A position: 19 58 33.4  +29 52 04      mag 8.2C
PN B position: 19 58 33.57 +29 52 11.6    mag 8.1C

They seem to be a same object.
No 2MASS and IRAS object is present within 4 arcsec around the
reported position. The object may be a nova.

Prompt observations are strongly encouraged.

Best regards,
Hiroyuki Maehara

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