[vsnet-alert 9964] Re: Possible nova in Cyg

Gary Poyner garypoyner at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 8 17:41:01 JST 2008

I thought the understanding was that these unconfirmed
reports should not be posted to mass mail groups.
At the bottom of the page is states...

"NOTE: These data should not be posted on any other webpage
at any other website, and they should not be sent to any regular
mass e-mail list. If abuses are found, we may have to discontinue
this website feature. This webpage is being posted as an experiment
for those interested in helping to confirm discovery reports that
are not quite ready for announcement"

I made the mistake of forwarding a VSnet alert message on the
possible Nova in Sgr to BAAVSS-Alert.  When I read the above note
I removed the message.

Do we want this facility to continue or not?


Gary Poyner
garypoyner at blueyonder.co.uk
"You can always tell a Brummie....but you can't tell him much"!
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Sent: Saturday, March 08, 2008 6:24 AM
Subject: [vsnet-alert 9962] Possible nova in Cyg

> Dear colleagues,
> According to CBET's Unconfirmed Observations Page, two new possible
> novae in Cyg have been reported.
> PN A position: 19 58 33.4  +29 52 04      mag 8.2C
> PN B position: 19 58 33.57 +29 52 11.6    mag 8.1C
> They seem to be a same object.
> No 2MASS and IRAS object is present within 4 arcsec around the
> reported position. The object may be a nova.
> Prompt observations are strongly encouraged.
> Best regards,
> Hiroyuki Maehara

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